About Us

- Peace is the beauty of life. -


“Made in Japan” brands combine "Beauty" and “You” in a way that is natural and safe for your skin and body. Guided by the belief of “inner and outer beauty," each of these three companies’ products are created in collaboration with leading manufacturers in Japan, who consistently conduct research and development throughout production. These products are effective at revitalizing your skin's physiology, they also include UV protection, anti-aging, climate specific dryness, healthy dieting, scalp rejuvenation and anti-hair loss. Giving you essential protection and rejuvenation for daily life in the UAE.

Our Companies

TOWAKO Medeical Cosmetic

Our main focus has been on the great potential of natural ingredients. We are dedicated to researching, developing and producing cosmetics that derive from nature.


Immudyne is a supplement brand that focuses on the inner care of the body. It specializes in preventative aging and health management.


Tanseido makeup brushes are carefully handcrafted by a skilled artisan in Japan.