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Retesta Scalp Essence

Hair Care

The best scalp essence for people who are concerned about hair loss. This has excellent skin absorbency, with no irritation or stickiness, and is safe for those with sensitive skin. A cool and refreshing feeling for the scalp that can be used by Arabic men who are worried about hair loss due to the stuffy heat from wearing kufiya, and women who are concerned about having thinning hair.

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Easy to use and no mess! It can be used daily to help improve hair growth. It will not transfer on to pillows or fabrics, or wash off from sweat.

Among many natural plant extracts, apple polyphenol has been found to have hair growth effects and has been patented as a "hair growth ingredient" in Japan. This scalp essence combines apple polyphenol with moisturizing ingredients such as red wine grape yeast extract and amino acid derivatives.

After hair has been washed and towel-dried, use 2-3 pumps of Scalp Essence for the affected area. Massage in for a few minutes using the flat part of your finger tips. Each bottle contains about 30ml, equal for about one month use.