Fasten Diet


A diet juice supplement that will help you regain that beautiful body shape within two days of simple fasting. A convenient powder solution that you can use anywhere at anytime. It's recommended for those seeking to slim down, fast, or maintain healthy eating habits. The key ingredients come from natural juice, this provides a refreshing taste that leaves you satisfied. For each day, just add mineral water to the diet juice supplement and begin your two-day fast.

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Immudyne's Fasten Diet is a two-day fasting diet juice. It's a powder solution made for a clean and healthy diet, dissolve in water and consume for two days. Because it is powder type, it is easy to carry and drink anywhere at anytime. A simple fasting diet made for everyone.

Considered as a support juice for Ramadan, as it contains six kinds of natural fruit juices (apple, orange, grape, etc.) and vitamins (D, niacin) and minerals (zinc) to help keep you healthy. In addition, dietary fiber and lactic acid bacteria are added, helping to balance intestinal alignment. A refreshing and delicious support juice.

For one drink, dissolve 2 stick packets in about 100 ml of water, stir and drink as juice. Drink 4-5 times a day with 1-1.5L of mineral water between. Each box contains 20 stick packets, for two-day fasting.