Retesta II M / Retesta II F


Apple polyphenol contains patented ingredients known for hair growth upon consumption. The hair-growing supplement, which is combined with various ingredients, is targeted specifically towards MEN’s (Retesta M) or WOMEN’s (Retesta F) hair and is effective in nourishing and promoting hair growth.

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    IM003M / IM003F

Since the cause of thinning hair differ between men and women, Retesta II M/F is a hair growth supplement containing ingredients specialized towards each gender. It has been patented in Japan after completing clinical trials. It is currently being sold in Japan, primarily to beauty salons, and has been well received.

It contains a well-balanced body of ingredients such as taurine, a type of amino acid common to fish and shellfish, oligo-lactic acid made from sugar radish, apple polyphenol extracted from unripened green apples, and fruit extract of saw palmetto which has long been used for men’s health.

Take 3 capsules a day with water. Usually results appear in 3 to 4 months.