Scalp Massage Brush


This is a scalp massage brush for men created using goat hair. Since men tend to produce more sebum than women they need to wash their hair sufficiently, but because strong scrubbing can lead to skin damage, dermatologist recommend using a brush to massage the scalp. In response to this, the hair length, thickness and hair quality of our brush was carefully developed so that the scalp can be massaged not only when washing, but also when the hair is dry. This is recommended for Arabic men who suffer from oily, damaged scalp, and hair loss due to their Kufiya.

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During shampooing, it can be used to remove excess oils from pores on the scalp. It is important that your scalp is clean to grow healthy hair. The spiral method used during manufacturing allows users to thoroughly cleanse and massage their scalp. By using laser processing to create edges of only 0.5mm at the tip of the bristles, the bristles can reach deep into the pores, removing excess dead skin cells and keeping the scalp healthy. The compact size makes it easier to massage smaller areas on the scalp. It is also easy to use for first-time users and is cost affordable.

Goat hair is used for its elasticity and delicate fiber. No bleaching is done to the natural hair. The easy-to-grip handle is chrome plated for rust and scratch resistance. The base is constructed from a strong, water-resistant material that can be stand and dried, so it can be ready to use.

When you wash your hair, you can use the brush to lightly pat your scalp or gently massage it to remove the dirt from the pores. Massaging the scalp will improve blood circulation and keep the skin healthy. It provides a massaging effect while removing the dirt on your scalp.